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Happy Friday

Good day everyone!

Today’s post is inspired by “The Dash”. What is “The Dash”? The Dash represents all the time that is spent here on Earth between the moment we’re born and the moment we’re laid to rest. The Dash is a lovely poem written by Linda Ellis. It invites us to ask the question, “What will you do with your Dash?” We can break this down from a life time overview, to yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, moment to moment and breathe to breathe. As for me, I reflect on this question and two things come to mind. One is that I want to avoid regret. Second is that I want to experience everything that I can on my path. This has helped me greatly in making life’s choices either big or small. If I choose to do something or not do something, am I going to regret my decision? How important is it to me? Is the response coming from a place of fear or an open mind and heart?
If it’s from fear then there will likely be regret. From an open heart and mind a willingness to explore and see all the challenges as opportunities; all the experiences as an opportunity for growth. To move from this positive outlook, so that even if it doesn’t always work out like you thought it might, you can look at each experience as feedback and never failure.
I came across this quote today, “When something in life goes wrong, yell, “Plot Twist!” and move on.”
Take a moment wherever you are. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Ground yourself by feeling whatever parts of your body are touching a solid surface. Place your bottom in a seat, your feet on the ground, and your back against the back of the seat. For a moment let your minds go wherever it wants to go and just observe where it goes. With no judgement, critiquing or censoring. Let it wander. What did you notice? One prevailing thought? Two thoughts? Or scatter brain thinking? Now begin to bring your concentration back to your breath. Focus on each inhale and exhale. Your thoughts may want to return to wandering or what you were thinking about earlier. Remind yourself to return back into breathing in and out. Inhale and think to yourself, “Be” Exhale and think to yourself, “Still” Inhale-Be, Exhale-Still. Continue to breathe in and out with awareness of the breath and our mantra, Be Still. This is completely living in the present moment. Take a moment of gratitude for this moment and this life within the Dash that’s brought you to this present moment.
With an open heart and mind we move forward into the rest of our Dash, ready to give and ready to receive.
Namaste V~

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